The Bitsons

The Bitsons Alpha 1

Tier 4 Final Gateway


👑 The Bitsons Alpha 1 are the chosen few 🤖  Bitsons GEN X transformed by 🧬The Gr8 Cr8tor into powerful Alpha ⚔️ warriors. As the 👾 aliens unleash their 👽 Mutant Bitson From Space (MBFS) to conquer 🍩The Bitsons Universe 🌌, these Alpha ⚔️ warriors stand as the only hope for salvation.

Owning an 👑 Alpha 1 ⚔️ Warrior NFT grants you access to a special whitelist on all future 🍩 Bitsons NFT projects for life. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this epic battle and secure your place in 🍩 Bitsons Universe!🌌


👑 The Bitsons Alpha 1 consists of 26 original artworks from the hand of 🧬 The Gr8 Cr8tor. Each NFT is 100% unique so they contain no metadata attributes.  👑 The Bitsons Alpha 1 can only be purchased by VIP members.  You must hold a 👽 Mutant Bitson From Space (MBFS) to access the Alpha 1 mint page. 👑 The Bitsons Alpha 1 is the 4th Tier of 4 to The Bitsons Whitelist Lifetime Pass. Only those who hold a 👑 Bitsons Alpha 1 can mint a Whitelist Lifetime Pass!

Mint a MBFS

Divine Intervention

As the ⚔️ battle between the 👽 Mutant Bitson From Space and  👑 The Bitsons Alpha 1 raged on, the fate of 🍩 The Bitsons Universe 🌌 hung in the balance. But through sheer 💪 strength, determination, and the guidance of 🧬 The Gr8 Cr8tor, 👑 The Bitsons Alpha 1 emerged 🏆 victorious. The 👾 aliens were driven back to their own 🌎 planet, and the 👽 Mutant Bitsons were no more.

👑 The Bitsons Alpha 1 were hailed as heroes, and those who owned a 👑 Bitsons Alpha 1 NFT were granted access to a special 🤍🎫 Whitelist on all future 🍩 Bitsons NFT projects for life. 🍩 The Bitsons Universe 🌌 had been saved, but the 🧠 memory of the ⚔️ battle would never be forgotten. 🍩 The Bitsons vowed to never let their guard down again and to always be prepared for any threats that may come their way. 🧬 The Gr8 Cr8tor 😇 smiled down upon his creations, proud of what they had accomplished and confident in their future.

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