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$BITSON Coin/NFTs on Polygon Blockchain

👋 Hi diddly ho Neighborino, welcome to 🚜The Bitsons Farm! 🧬The Gr8 Cr8tor built this cyber farm 🐖 on the Polygon Blockchain to reduce ⛽ gas fee emissions for our growing modular DeFi ♻️ Ecosystem. Users can ⛏️ stake our Liquidity Generating Polygon token 🪙 $BITSON Coin and earn exclusive 🍩 Bitsons 🖼️ NFTs & more! You can also use 🪙 $BITSON Coin to purchase🖼️NFTs directly.

🪙 $BITSON Coin will be used for other dApps in the future.

50 Points

The Gifsons Collectibles #1

100 Points

Zombie Gifsons Collectibles #1

50 Points

The Bittens Collectibles #1

50 Points

💘 Zombie Gifsons Valentine 2022

NFT Farm Info

In the NFT farm you can currently ⛏️ stake your $BITSON Coin & redeem NFTs from these collections:

How many $BITSON Coins can I Stake?

🪙 The minimum amount of $BITSON Coins you can stake is 10 tokens.
🪙 The maximum amount of $BITSON Coins you can stake is 50 tokens.

How many Points do I Earn a Day?

🎟️ The Reward Rate per day is 25 points at Max Staking.

How to Stake $BITSON Coin

How to Unstake $BITSON Coin

Unstake Tutorial

  • Click on the STAKING OPTIONS drop down button and click Unstake.
  • A window will pop up asking you to input the amount you wish to Unstake, then click the Unstake button.
  • Metamask will popup asking to confirm that transaction, click Confirm and wait for that transaction to finish. The 50 $BITSON tokens that were staking will go to zero and they will end up back inside the wallet.

How to Redeem NFTs

  • Disclaimer:
    This token was made to be used as the currency for The Bitsons community.  The token may be used in other utility functions and dApps in the future.
  • How do I Stake $BITSON Coin?

    Simply visit the farm, connect your wallet with $BITSON Coin, select “Stake”, enter the amount of tokens to stake, select “Confirm”

  • How much do I earn a day?
    25 points/day @ Max staking

  • How do I Redeem an NFT?
    Once you have earned enough points from staking, the “Redeem” button will become visible.  Simply click “Redeem” & your NFT will arrive shortly. Check your Opensea account.

  • How do I Unstake?
    When you are ready to leave the farm simply click the “Unstake” button, confirm your Metamask transaction, and your $BITSON coin will appear in your wallet shortly. 

  • How many Coins can I Stake?
    10 minimum, 50 maximum

  • What Blockchain are they on?
    Polygon Blockchain

  • How do I buy $BITSON Coin?
    Click here to buy on Quickswap.
    (Buy with WETH not MATIC)
    Click to watch this tutorial: How to Buy $BITSON

  • Have more questions?

    Join our Discord to learn more.

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