The Bitsons


ERC-20 Liquidity Providing Token

  • Symbol: BITSON
  • Decimal: 9
  • Token Total Supply: 10,000
  • Token Type: ERC-20 Liquidity Providing
  • Blockchain: Polygon
  • Transaction fee in % to generate yield: 2%
  • Transaction fee in % to generate liquidity: 3%
  • 5,000 tokens + $500/.11 ETH in liquidity

How to Buy/Sell $BITSON Coin

$BITSON Coin is only on the Polygon chain, you can acquire them using Quickswap Exchange. (Buy with WETH not MATIC)


Liquidity is on

There was no presale or private sale for the $BITSON Coin & it was created to have multiple applications from authenticating members to staking for NFT rewards and much more.

$BITSON Coin Price Chart

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