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Security Tips

🔒 Security Tips

Security Basics:

  • Never share your seed phrase with anyone (also called mnemonic)
  • Never share your private keys
  • Never share your passwords
  • Never share your screen if you have your QR codes up (example QR code in Metamask)
  • Team and captains will NEVER ask for funds, keys, passwords, etc…
  • Unverified contracts are risky, take caution interacting with them. Would you go to a bank a sign a contract that you can’t read?
  • DYOR (Do Your Own Research)


  • Seed phrase: Generated randomly when you create a wallet account, which is unique, and serves to generate addresses.
  • Private key: A hash that is used as the key to your wallet, looks like a random set of letters and numbers.
  • Contract: The code that is deployed on the blockchain at an address, these can be verified or unverified.
  • Verified Contract: Source code of the deployed contract has been submitted and verified.
  • Unverified Contract: Source code has not been submitted, behaviour of contract is unknown.
  • Soft wallet: Software wallets, connected to the internet.
  • Hard wallet: Hardware wallets, seed generated offline, most secure.


  1. No one should ever ask for your seed phrase, passwords, private keys. If someone does, it’s a scam.
  2. Discord and Telegram is full of bots and scammers, you didn’t win a random giveaway of 10ETH or BTC…
  3. Trading NFTs with someone is risky, please do your research and find a platform that is known and used for this purpose.
  4. Never send your NFTs to someone and expect something in return.
  5. Sharing your screen can be fun, but keep in mind that you might have sensitive information that should NOT be shared
  6. Beware of different attacks such as reverse proxy phishing, cryptojacking, dusting, clipping, etc…
  7. ENABLE 2FA using something like Authy or Google Authenticator. It’s more secure than SMS.
  8. Get a hardwallet such as Ledger or Trezor
  9. Bookmark links to avoid typos and scams
  10. Don’t blindly approve everything that pops up on Metamask, read the contracts, know what you are getting into.
  11. Ask for help when in doubt – we don’t have a secondary support Discord server those are scams!

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