The Bitsons


🤔 You want ⚙️ Utility?🍩 The Bitsons have ⚙️ Utility! 👋 Welcome to another Modular component to🍩 The Bitsons DeFi ♻️ Ecosystem,🖼️ NFT⛏️Staking!

You can now⛏️ stake your 🍩 Bitsons NFTs & earn 🪙 $BITSON Coin.  Simply select the ⛏️ Staking Pool you wish to join, select the 🖼️ NFTs you’d like to ⛏️ stake & starting earning 🪙 $BITSON Coin right away!  

⛏️ Staking pools are constantly being added so come back often to 👀 check out how you can earn more 🪙 $BITSON Coin rewards daily! 

🪙 $BITSON Coin can be used to 🚜 farm 🎖️ Bitsons Collectibles or used to purchase certain 🍩Bitsons 🖼️ NFT collections.  🪙 $BITSON Coin will also be used in VIP ⛏️ staking pools where you can earn other coins such as $WETH, $MATIC & more! 🤑

 🧬The Gr8 Cr8tor built this⛏️ staking dApp on the Polygon Blockchain to reduce ⛽ gas fee emissions for our growing modular DeFi ♻️ Ecosystem. 

🪙 $BITSON Coin will be used for other dApps in the future.

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