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👋 Hi diddly ho Neighborino, welcome to 🚜The Bitsons Farm! 🧬The Gr8 Cr8tor built this cyber farm 🐖 on the Polygon Blockchain to reduce ⛽ gas fee emissions for our growing modular DeFi ♻️ Ecosystem. Users can ⛏️ stake our Liquidity Generating Polygon token 🪙 $BITSON Coin and earn exclusive 🍩 Bitsons 🖼️ NFTs & more! You can also use 🪙 $BITSON Coin to purchase🖼️NFTs directly.

🪙 $BITSON Coin will be used for other dApps in the future.

50 Points

The Gifsons Collectibles #1

100 Points

Zombie Gifsons Collectibles #1

50 Points

The Bittens Collectibles #1

50 Points

💘 Zombie Gifsons Valentine 2022


Token Minimum


Token Maximum

Contract Address

This token was made to be used as the currency for The Bitsons community.  The token may be used in other utility functions and dApps in the future.

How do I Stake $BITSON Coin?

Simply visit the farm, connect your wallet with $BITSON Coin, select “Stake”, enter the amount of tokens to stake, select “Confirm”

How much do I earn a day?
17.28 credits/day @ Max staking

How do I Redeem an NFT?
Once you have earned enough credits from staking the “Redeem” button will become visible. Simply click “Redeem” & your NFT will arrive shortly. Check your Opensea account.

How do I Unstake?
When you are ready to leave the farm simply click the “Unstake” button, confirm your Metamask transaction, and your $BITSON coin will appear in your wallet shortly. 

How many Coins can I Stake?
10 minimum, 50 maximum

What Blockchain are they on?
Polygon Blockchain

How do I buy $BITSON Coin?
Click here to buy on Quickswap.
(Buy with WETH not MATIC)
Click to watch this tutorial: How to Buy $BITSON

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