The Bitsons


🌌 The Big Blockchain Bang

🍩The Bitsons Universe has been expanding by quantum leaps since “🧬The Gr8 Cr8tors” 1st conception.  🍩The Bitsons have become so much more than ever anticipated as their corner of the 🌌Metaverse keeps rapidly growing. 

Beginning as a 🖼️NFT collection 🍩The Bitsons have evolved into an entire Decentralized ♻️ Ecosystem.

The Modular DeFi ♻️ Ecosystem 🍩The Bitsons have created include:

All these components interact with each other & are interchangeable.

🍩The Bitsons have been told they’re a 🛌🏼 sleeping giant comparable to CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, & Cyberkongs. 💪

🙋 Become a member of 🍩The Bitsons community by purchasing a 🖼️ NFT today & gaining exclusive access to the 🏆 VIP membership areas of the website & 🏆 VIP voting on the projects direction.

Join our Discord for all the latest updates!

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