The Bitsons

Zombie Bitsons

🧟 Zombie Bitsons

🧟 2500 Zombie Bitsons have risen from the dead 💀🪦 shifting 🍩 The Bitsons Universe 🌌. “🧬The Gr8 Cr8tors” prophecy has now been fulfilled 🙏so beware what the future may hold! 🔮


🧟 Zombie Bitsons are a collection of 2,500 NFT artworks that complete the 10,000 original 🍩Bitsons NFT project. Deployed as an ERC-721 smart contract on the Polygon blockchain they are a ⛽ gas free & rare collection.

The Bitsons #7500 is the last remaining survivor of a deadly 🦠 Virtually Transmitted Disease (VTD) that infected 🍩 The Bitsons Universe! The remaining 2,500 of the original 10,000 🍩Bitsons have now mutated into 🧟 Zombie Bitsons! This has created an unforeseen divide in 🍩 The Bitsons as the original collection supply has been reduced to 7,500 and at the same time creating a new collection 🧟 Zombie Bitsons with a total supply of 2,500. A FOMO 😱 frenzy has been triggered as 🍩 The Bitsons supply & demand ⚖️ just shifted. Join the discord for all the latest 🍩Bitsons updates and giveaways & prepare yourself for the 🧟 Zombie Bitsons Apocalypse!

“Zombie Bitsons was a No Brainer” - CRISPR 🧬


How much is a 🧟 Zombie Bitson?
🧟 Zombie Bitsons start listing on at $5 WETH on Polygon!
What is the total supply?
A total of 2,500 unique 🧟 Zombie Bitsons NFTs will be created
What Blockchain are they on?
Polygon Blockchain
What are the Rarity %?
1875 = Normal
500 = Rare
125 = Ultra Rare
When is the launch?
January 15th, 2022
When does the sale end?
Feb 19, 2022 12:00AM
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