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The Gifsons

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🍩 The Gifsons

🧪 The Gifsons consist of 1,250 gif generated pixel style artworks in homage to the original 🍩 Bitsons NFT collection.

Deployed to the Polygon Blockchain 🧪 The Gifsons are a ⛽ gas free collection & grant holders access to the 🏆 VIP membership area of the site where users can ⛏️ Stake 🪙 $BITSON Coin for WETH/MATIC!

📣If you HOLD an original Bitsons NFT join the Bitsons Discord ( and add your crypto wallet address in #🧪the-gifsons channel under 📝WHITELISTS & you will receive 1 FREE Gifsons NFT!

Join the Discord for weekly Bitsons giveaways!

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