The Bitsons

The Bitsons

🍩 The Bitsons

🍩 The Bitsons consist of 7,500 generated pixel style artworks that evoke humor, irony, & stupidity. Deployed to the Polygon Blockchain 🍩 The Bitsons are a ⛽ gas free collection & on the way to becoming a viral trending NFT Collection. 💸

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🍩 The Bitsons is a collection of 7,500 conceptual NFT artworks that touch on subjects such as computer generated artworks, imitation, satire, pop culture, and stupidity.

🍩 The Bitsons are a group of characters in the 🌌Metaverse who live on the Polygon Blockchain ⛓️. They are a comical and intelligent group who were conceived by “🧬The Gr8 Cr8tor”
“🧬The Gr8 Cr8tor” created this group of digital beings by combining many ingredients from all over the Flat Earth! 🌎
Once “🧬The Gr8 Cr8tor” had all of his creation 🛠️ tools and ingredients he 🔥 fired up his 💓 Life Generating computer program. He added a 🧂 dash of inspiration from popular 🖼️ Art collections. He added a spritz of 📺 Tv Pop Culture, with a ✨ sprinkle of sarcasm and then he stepped back.
🤯 He watched as his new creation manifested right in front of his illuminating eyes! 👀 Every Bitson that was created had an equal human that could relate to its characteristics.
In awe “🧬The Gr8 Cr8tor” promised to always watch over 🍩 The Bitsons as they venture far out into the 🌌Metaverse.
Which Bitson will you be in 🍩 The Bitsons Universe? – “🧬The Gr8 Cr8tor”

“...if anyone asks you something you don't understand, just say pixels.” - CRISPR 🧬


🍩 The Bitsons start listing on at only 0.00085 ETH on Polygon! Which is around $3 USD
What is the total supply?
A total of 7,500 unique “Bitsons” NFTs will be created
What Blockchain are they on?
Polygon Blockchain
What are the deployment tiers?
#2 – #2499 = 0.00085 ETH / $3USD
#2500 – #4999 = 0.00135 ETH / $5USD
#5000 – #7499 = 0.00185 ETH / $7USD
When is the launch?
October 15th, 2021
When does the sale end?
April 1, 2022 12:00AM
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