The Bitsons

The Bitsols

🌞 The Bitsols​

After 🍩The Bitsons became alive, 💡 self-aware and evolved into 🧪 The Gifsons they 🤔 pondered deep into 🍩The Bitsons Universe🌌.


🌞 The Bitsols are a collection of 1,250 animated NFT artworks that spawned from 🧪 The Gifsons NFT project, deployed as a Mutable smart contract on the Solana blockchain. A unique feature about 🌞 The Bitsols is that they will be deployed automatically in phases of 50. Each phase will only deploy if the first phase is sold out.

Curious creatures by nature, they gathered up their 💪 strongest members and set out on a quest to ⚔️ conquer new Blockchain Kingdoms! After many 🌙 moons & restless nights they stumbled upon the ⛰️ land of 🌄 sunshine known as the Solana Blockchain. They claimed 🚩 their rightful place & called themselves 🌞 The Bitsols! 🧬The Gr8 Cr8tor is most impressed with his creation as he 👀 watches them continue to 🏆 dominate every corner of ⛓️ Blockchain Technology. Join 🌞 The Bitsols in their many upcoming 🧭🗺️ Solana Adventures!

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