The Bitsons

Mutant Bitsons From Space

Mutant Bitsons From Space

💀 The Bitsons GEN Z were abducted by 👾 aliens who experimented on them with otherworldly 🔬 chemicals. The result? 👽 Mutant Bitson From Space! With their 🧬 DNA altered, these 🦾🧟cyborg-zombie hybrids are now the ultimate 🚀 space-faring ⚔️ warriors.

The 👾 aliens plan to use them to conquer other 🌎 planets in 🍩 The Bitsons Universe 🌌. This unforseen change not made by 🧬The Gr8 Cr8tor, has him deeply concerned with what 👽 Mutant Bitson From Space will do!

Extra arm, high-five!


👽 Mutant Bitson From Space (MBFS) consists of 150 original artworks from the hand of 🧬 The Gr8 Cr8tor. Each NFT is 100% unique so they contain no metadata attributes.  MBFS can only be purchased by VIP members.  You must hold a 💀 Bitsons GEN Z to access the MBFS mint page. MBFS is the 3rd Tier of 4 to The Bitsons Whitelist Lifetime Pass. Only those who hold a MBFS can enter the final Tier 4 gateway!

Space Invaders

As 🧬 The Gr8 Cr8tor 👀 looked upon 👽 Mutant Bitson From Space (MBFS), he felt a deep sense of regret and 😓 sadness. He had created 🍩 The Bitsons to be a ✌️ peaceful and creative people, not to be turned into merciless killing machines by the hands of 👾 alien 🛸 abductors. He knew he had to act ⌛ fast before the 👾 aliens could unleash their army of 👽 Mutant Bitson upon the Universe🌌.

With a heavy 💔 heart, 🧬 The Gr8 Cr8tor set out on a mission to rescue his beloved creations from the clutches of the 👾 alien overlords. He gathered a team of the bravest and most skilled ⚔️ warriors from across 🍩 The Bitsons Universe 🌌 and set out towards the 👾 alien 🌎 planet.

Whitelist Lifetime Pass

When you purchase a 👑 Bitsons Alpha 1 NFT, you will receive a rare and exclusive 🤍🎫 Alpha Whitelisted Lifetime Pass – a non-transferrable pass that grants you one free NFT from every future 🍩 Bitsons project for life. This is a limited edition collection, with only 25 🤍🎫 Alpha Whitelisted Lifetime Passes available. You must hold the previous Tier to purchase the next. Each Tier NFT acts as the entrance key to the next Tier gateway. Once you hold an Alpha 1 NFT you can Mint only 1 Whitelist Lifetime Pass per wallet.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

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