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Bitsons Collectibles

🎖️ The Bitsons Collectibles

🎖️ The Bitsons Collectibles consist of unique hand crafted Bitson artworks that exist as RARE Collectibles outside of 🍩The Bitsons Collection. Deployed to the Polygon Blockchain 🎖️ The Bitsons Collectibles is a ⛽ gas free collection for true Bitson fans, collectors & investors. The only way to obtain a 🎖️Bitsons Collectibles is to ⛏️ stake 🪙$BITSON token in the 🚜Collectibles Farm.


🎖️ The Bitsons Collectibles have no CAP and are another modular component in ♻️The Bitsons Ecosystem. You can redeem these Rare 🖼️ NFTs by ⛏️ staking 🪙$BITSON Token in the 🚜Collectibles Farm. You can also buy them from resellers at the secondary market on ⛵
🎖️ The Bitsons Collectibles are Ultra Rare creations designed uniquely by the ✍️ hand of “🧬The Gr8 Cr8tor.” They represent chaos in 🍩The Bitsons modular ♻️Ecosystem. 🎖️ The Bitsons Collectibles can only be attained by ⛏️ staking the 🪙$BITSON Token in the 🚜Collectibles Farm or at the secondary market on ⛵ On the flip side of that donut their chaotic rarities could become quite valuable over the next 5 years.
You can use 🎖️ The Bitsons Collectibles as an entry token to gain access to the 🥂VIP members area of the website as well as ⛏️ stake them in upcoming 🚜NFT Farms.

“Im happy The Bitsons bring joy to people” - CRISPR 🧬


How do I get a Bitsons Collectibles?
You can purchase them three ways:
1) In the
🚜Collectibles Farm 
2) On
⛵ w/ WETH
3) Redeemable by staking
🪙$BITSON Token in the 🚜Collectibles Farm
How do I Buy $BITSON Coin?
How do I stake $BITSON Coin?
How do I Redeem my NFTs?
How do I Un-Stake my $BITSON Coin?
What is the total supply?
What Blockchain are they on?
Polygon Blockchain
When is the launch?
Nov 13, 2021
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