The Bitsons

The Bitsons GEN Z

Bitsons GEN Z

💀 The Bitsons GEN Z are the terrifying mutation of 🤖 The Bitsons GEN X into zombies. These undead cyborgs roam the ☢️ radioactive wasteland with 🩸 bloodlust and an insatiable hunger for flesh. Each 🧟 Zombie in this gory and terrifying collection represents a unique 💀 Bitson GEN Z, captured in stunningly gruesome detail. What will 🧬 The Gr8 Cr8tor  do about this horrific future?

Brains are overrated


💀 The Bitsons GEN Z consists of 150 original artworks from the hand of 🧬 The Gr8 Cr8tor. Each NFT is 100% unique so they contain no metadata attributes.  💀 The Bitsons GEN Z can only be purchased by VIP members.  You must hold a 🤖 Bitsons GEN X to access the GEN Z mint page. GEN Z is the 2nd Tier of 4 to The Bitsons Whitelist Lifetime Pass. Only those who hold a GEN Z can enter the Tier 3 Gateway!

Another Outbreak

🧬 The Gr8 Cr8tor had always been wary of the potential consequences of 🔬 genetic modification, but he never could have 🔮 predicted the 🪦 horror that his creations would bring upon the 🌎 world. As he 👀 watched from his underground bunker, he saw 💀 The Bitsons GEN Z wreaking havoc upon the 🌎 world above, their 🦾 robotic parts still intact and gleaming in the ☢️ radioactive light.

Whitelist Lifetime Pass

When you purchase a 👑 Bitsons Alpha 1 NFT, you will receive a rare and exclusive 🤍🎫 Alpha Whitelisted Lifetime Pass – a non-transferrable pass that grants you one free NFT from every future 🍩 Bitsons project for life. This is a limited edition collection, with only 25 🤍🎫 Alpha Whitelisted Lifetime Passes available. You must hold the previous Tier to purchase the next. Each Tier NFT acts as the entrance key to the next Tier gateway. Once you hold an Alpha 1 NFT you can Mint only 1 Whitelist Lifetime Pass per wallet.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

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