The Bitsons

The Bitsons Alpha 1

Bitsons Alpha 1

👑 The Bitsons Alpha 1 are the chosen few 🤖  Bitsons GEN X transformed by 🧬The Gr8 Cr8tor into powerful Alpha ⚔️ warriors. As the 👾 aliens unleash their 👽 Mutant Bitson From Space (MBFS) to conquer 🍩The Bitsons Universe 🌌, these Alpha ⚔️ warriors stand as the only hope for salvation.

Owning an 👑 Alpha 1 ⚔️ Warrior NFT grants you access to a special whitelist on all future 🍩 Bitsons NFT projects for life. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this epic battle and secure your place in 🍩 Bitsons Universe!🌌

Alpha 1 Warriors


👑 The Bitsons Alpha 1 consists of 26 original artworks from the hand of 🧬 The Gr8 Cr8tor. Each NFT is 100% unique so they contain no metadata attributes.  👑 The Bitsons Alpha 1 can only be purchased by VIP members.  You must hold a 👽 Mutant Bitson From Space (MBFS) to access the Alpha 1 mint page. 👑 The Bitsons Alpha 1 is the 4th Tier of 4 to The Bitsons Whitelist Lifetime Pass. Only those who hold a 👑 Bitsons Alpha 1 can mint a Whitelist Lifetime Pass!

Divine Intervention

As the ⚔️ battle between the 👽 Mutant Bitson From Space and  👑 The Bitsons Alpha 1 raged on, the fate of 🍩 The Bitsons Universe 🌌 hung in the balance. But through sheer 💪 strength, determination, and the guidance of 🧬 The Gr8 Cr8tor, 👑 The Bitsons Alpha 1 emerged 🏆 victorious. The 👾 aliens were driven back to their own 🌎 planet, and the 👽 Mutant Bitsons were no more.

👑 The Bitsons Alpha 1 were hailed as heroes, and those who owned a 👑 Bitsons Alpha 1 NFT were granted access to a special 🤍🎫 Whitelist on all future 🍩 Bitsons NFT projects for life. 🍩 The Bitsons Universe 🌌 had been saved, but the 🧠 memory of the ⚔️ battle would never be forgotten. 🍩 The Bitsons vowed to never let their guard down again and to always be prepared for any threats that may come their way. 🧬 The Gr8 Cr8tor 😇 smiled down upon his creations, proud of what they had accomplished and confident in their future.

Whitelist Lifetime Pass

When you purchase a 👑 Bitsons Alpha 1 NFT, you will receive a rare and exclusive 🤍🎫 Alpha Whitelisted Lifetime Pass – a non-transferrable pass that grants you one free NFT from every future 🍩 Bitsons project for life. This is a limited edition collection, with only 25 🤍🎫 Alpha Whitelisted Lifetime Passes available. You must hold the previous Tier to purchase the next. Each Tier NFT acts as the entrance key to the next Tier gateway. Once you hold an Alpha 1 NFT you can Mint only 1 Whitelist Lifetime Pass per wallet.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

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