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📀 BITSNECTAR Collection

📀 The BITSNECTAR Collection consist of Super Fresh Funky Music NFTs Remixed & Produced by DJ 🎵BITSNECTAR. Deployed to the Polygon Blockchain 📀 The BITSNECTAR Collection is a ⛽ gas free collection that has expand 🍩The Bitsons project into the Metaverse! 


BITSNECTAR is a Musician & Producer from the NFT project “The Bitsons” created by Artist “CRISPR”.

He is the resident DJ at The Metatrekkers Clubhouse in Decentraland located at -69,-139.

CRISPR is a Platinum & Gold recording artist recognized by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) with over 1 Million album sales in 2016.  He has toured with bands like Sublime LBC, Long Beach Dub All Stars and has performed with Artist like The Chain Smokers & NERO.

He has resurfaced this year to reclaim his thrown as one of the musical pioneers in the Metaverse. CRISPR is well known for the creation of a new unique DJ mixing style he defines as “Drop Juggling”. 

Follow all of CRISPR’s adventures on his website



How do I get a BITSNECTAR NFT?
Where do I Buy a BITSNECTAR Decentraland Wearable?
When is the Decentraland Show?
May 7th 2022 at 10:30pm UTC
Where is the Decentraland Show?
Coordinates: -69, -139
What Blockchain are they on?
Polygon Blockchain
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